One night eighteen year old Kripa has a fight with his father over his stepmother. There is an accident.His father dies. He has murdered his father. Scared, he runs away from home.
The night throws up characters and encounters for Kripa. Devi the street walker, Jonaki her transgenderpimp…Kripa is entrapped in the web of love, sex and jealousy. He murders again. Jonaki dies. Kripa runs on.
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Rii Sen as Sadhana
Ayushman Mitra as Kripa
Rwik as Jonaki
Papia Ghoshal as Devi
"I have explored the possibility
of using sex to achieve
God, the connection between
sex and spirituality". Director Speaks
"What would it be like if a philosophy as radical as Deha Tattwa, which had evolved in our land over centuries and yet no one in the main frame wanted to look at,what would it be like to be able to image it, to be able to bring it within the storytelling zone?". Producer Speaks