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Cosmic Sex is a venture, where a number of characters are entangled on a single thread of love, sex and spirituality, be it Kripa, be it his father, be it Devi, be it Sadhana, or be it Jonaki. Everybody here looks for a way out, some find it, some struggle on. Here, we have assorted the different moments of the movie, where each character continues their own quest, look for the answers of their own questions, sometimes alone, sometimes, with the help of each other. Have a look at them; capture these isolated moments together to get a better grip on their journey through life together, and let us know what you think of it.

Kripa ( Ayushman) and Sadhana (Rii)

Ruhul Fakir (Murari Mukherjee) and Sadhana (Rii)

Jonaki (Rwik)

Jonaki (Rwik) and Kripa (Ayushman)

Kripa ( Ayushman) and Sadhana (Rii)

Rii as Sadhana in Cosmic Sex

Rii as Sadhana in Cosmic Sex

Krishna rath in Cosmic Sex

Jonaki (Rwik) and gang in Cosmic Sex

Kripa (Ayushman)

Ruhul Fakir on hearing of his
wife Amina's death

Papia Ghoshal in Cosmic Sex

Devi - The Street Walker

Will Kripa find his Way?

What price must he pay
for seeking truth?

Learning at the feet of the Guru

Devi (Papia Ghoshal)